Physiotherapy is a non-invasive technique to provide treatment for soft tissue injuries, orthopaedic conditions and neurological conditions. TVP also works in improving performance and strength.

Common Canine conditions treated;

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
Cruciate damage
Intervertebral Disc Disease
Weight management

Common Equine conditions treated;

Tendon/Ligament injuries
Back soreness
Kissing Spines
Soft tissue strain and tears
Muscle imbalance

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Manual Therapy

As a physiotherapist I can offer a range of massage techniques targeting soft tissues, this is a non-invasive tool that can be applied to majority of cases.


This will work on a referral basis, if it is felt that your animal may benefit from either pool or treadmill hydrotherapy during their treatment programme.


If it is felt your case requires further intervention such as LASER therapy or ultrasound therapy, this can be given to an individual. Please note this may require a small hiring cost dependent on the equipment used.

Remedial Exercise Programmes

After sessions, when applicable, a remedial exercise programme may be prescribed. This will involve one or more, small exercises to be carried out by yourself in order to assist the treatment programme and reach your end goals. All exercises will be demonstrated by myself prior in order to ensure you are fully comfortable.

Demonstrations and lectures will be available to societies, clubs, practices and educational groups upon request. Any planned events will be displayed in the About Me section of  the website and relevant social media.


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