Prior to booking your first consultation I ask you to please complete a referral form, this can be found by following the link below. Please send a copy to your Veterinarian and ask them to send a completed copy to me. This is a legal requirement for TVP to gain referral from your registered veterinary practice.

This form provides the background information needed to carry out an assessment and treat all patients.

Once I have this form, you can book consultations immediately.

Please ask for the completed form to be emailed to

Thank you


Initial Consult

Cost: £60    /    Approximate Duration: up to 90 minutes

This first consultation requires a little more time to get to know you and your pet. We will go through their routine and lifestyle, assess them whilst still and moving and take on board what you wish to get out of your sessions. During this session a treatment plan will be created.

Maintenance/Follow-Up Consult

Cost: £50    /    Approximate Duration: up to 60 minutes

Once you have received your initial consultation, all treatments will be referred to as maintenance or follow-up treatments.

This ensures that continuous and regular assessments are carried out in order to update the current treatment plan for you and your pet.

Please note that all appointments can exceed the approximate duration shown above where it is required, and this is given as a guidance only.


Due to the current global pandemic, please find below the new protocol and method statement for all appointments carried out during this time. All patients are required to be risk assessed before each appointment to ensure the method statement can continue to be followed.

I will update clients to any changes if and when they occur, appointments will follow the guidance given by the government and other relevant governing bodies/associations.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience at this time.


Refer A Friend

Receive 15% discount off your next treatment when you refer a friend to TVP.

Prospective clients must specify which current client they have been referred by during the booking. The current client must have been treated within the previous six months.