About Me

Transition Veterinary Physiotherapy is owned by, Emma-Jayne Bailey, a BSc Hons Veterinary Physiotherapy graduate from Harper Adams University.

I have been surrounded by animals for my whole life, as a young adult I competed in all disciplines of horse riding as an individual and team, through pony club and regional shows, as well as representing my College and University. I have also been lucky enough to have family dog whilst growing up which provide great joy and companionship. All of which led me to pursue a career in Veterinary Physiotherapy, during my time at University I become more involved with working dogs and competition animals which has been a keen interest of mine since qualifying.

As part of my degree completed a placement year within industry, working at a small animal veterinary practice and an equine rehabilitation yard gaining experience in the use of aqua treadmill. This year provided me with invaluable practical experience within the industry and I am incredibly grateful to my employers for that. This time sparked an interest in canine and equine hydrotherapy and post-operative veterinary physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy aims to provide a treatment that is non-invasive supporting musculoskeletal, neurological conditions as well as post and pre-operative conditions using an individually developed treatment plan. It also provides support for senior pets that have begun to struggle with their daily routine, this passion for supporting senior and arthritis pets has led me to become a Canine Arthritis Management team member, their link can be found below. Physiotherapy can provide support for every individual whether it is performance enhancement or maintenance care, we aim to provide each animal with a high-quality life.

I offer services around the East Midlands, please refer to the location page for more information on specific areas. If unsure, please do not hesitate to call me.

Published Research

In 2018 I completed an Honours Research Project. This research looked into the effects of massage when applied to a horse' hindlimbs. It was chosen to become a research note by Harper Adams University, if you'd like to read it in full, click the button below to view

Why Choose TVP

Mobile and Clinic Based

TVP offers both a mobile and clinic- based service. Mobile service requires no travel cost for the patient as long as the location is within the work area and is carried out in your own home. I am based at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, Derby and I also provide private appointments for Ashfield House Ltd. Nottingham's clients.


Having been surrounded by both horses and dogs since I was a young child and my four year degree training at University, including a full year working within industry, has provided great practical experience as well as working full-time as a Veterinary Physiotherapist since 2018.

IRVAP Registered

I am fully insured as well as being registered with The Institute of Registered Animal and Veterinary Physiotherapist (IRVAP)